"My books take place in Hawaii and include places, people and situations familiar to me. Although all of the characters are fictionalized, here are a few peeks at some of the sites and characters who inspired me." 

                                                     - Jane Hoff


In the first Big Island Mystery, The Bones of Paradise, there are several dogs that are featured. Lucky is the inspiration for Barney. He is pictured here on the lawn of the house at Honolii.


It may seem fantastic but it's a real breed of dog! This dog is called a Lundehund and it has prehensile toes which allow it to climb.


Charles Jay Hoff, the author's husband and the inspiration for Jay "Keoni" Charles. He is pictured with the author in southern France. 


An aerial view of Hilo Bay, with Mauna Kea volcano in the background. The Waiakea Peninsula juts into the bay and is the site of the historic area in The Trees of Banyan Drive.


Liz Ambrose, the inspiration for Cyd, the crime scene photographer in Bones of Paradise. Liz picked her character's name because her parents almost named her after Cyd Charisse.


Carol Harris, Bob Hanley and Kathleen Katt in Liliuokalani Park and Gardens, next to Banyan Drive on the Waiakea Peninsula. Bob and Kat (center and right) are the inspirations for Kelly and Katie in Bones of Paradise. Bob chose the name Kelly after Kelly Slater, the surfing champion.


Rainbows are one of the many, beautiful everyday sights in Hawaii. This photo was taken on the coast, south of Hilo.

Courtesy of Mary Ann Smiles.


Diana Evans, the inspiration for Emma in Bones of Paradise.


The author cooking with Mike Zamarripa (left) and Hamlet Baboumi (right), the inspirations for Alex and Rob in Bones of Paradise.


One of the trees described in The Trees of Banyan Drive. This one was planted by George Herman "Babe" Ruth in 1933 (see placard at base).


Rainbow Falls, on the Wailuku River, after a series of very rainy days. This was the scene of action in Bones of Paradise.


An actual bone in a banyan tree! The next mystery in the Big Island Mystery Series will be titled, The Bones of Banyan Drive.