Jane Lasswell Hoff

Personal history

Jane Hoff was born in Hollywood, California. She is the daughter of university professors who were, themselves, authors. She married Charles Hoff, an anthropologist and a Professor of Pediatrics. She is now widowed. She lives in Hilo, Hawaii, where she writes and enjoys island life.

Forensic Anthropologist


Jane Hoff attended the University of Hawaii, Manoa, for undergraduate school and the University of Oregon for graduate school. As a professional forensic anthropologist and a member of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, she has worked for tribal groups, the U.S. military, medical examiners' offices and police departments throughout the U.S., to identify human remains.



Jane Hoff published her first book, Bones of Paradise, in 2016. The story takes place in her hometown of Hilo, Hawaii, and is part of an intended series of forensic Big Island Mysteries. While researching her second mystery in the series - and looking for a good spot to discover a (fictional) body - she became side-tracked by the wonderful stories of the historic banyan trees of Hilo, and wrote a guidebook, The Trees of Banyan Drive (published in 2018). She is currently back on track and working on her second mystery, The Bones of Banyan Drive.