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      Even in paradise, people do die. And it's the job of Mimi Charles, Forensic Anthropologist, to analyze the bodies that aren't found right away - skeletons, mostly. Mimi and her colleagues at the Medical Examiner's office are a tightly-knit team that relishes solving the mysteries presented by each case. But outside of the office, their lives in the sweet little town of Hilo, Hawaii, flow in a gentle island rhythm. None of them is prepared for the disappearance of one of their own, right from the building where they work (or the parking lot outside, anyway). Soon a series of notes begins to arrive, supposedly from the missing person. Even though the FBI shows up to join the local police in the search for clues, Mimi and her friends can't resist doing a little "digging" of their own. Suddenly, there's a very pesky TV reporter calling Mimi at home and peeking out at her from behind potted plants. And then John, the Death Investigator who works with Mimi, begins to act strangely. Despite the distractions, Mimi starts to piece together odd, seemingly unrelated bits of information in the race to find her missing friend, and she most sincerely hopes that she's not too late....



This informative, fun-to-read guide takes the reader on a tour of the fifty trees of Banyan Drive in Hilo, Hawaii. Each tree is accompanied by a story of the amazing person who planted it. Princesses, movie stars, famous athletes, explorers, presidents and more - they lived in an era when Hilo, and the world, was on the brink of monumental change. The book includes a map and short history of the Waiakea Peninsula, including Liliuokalani Gardens, Coconut Island (Moku'ola), Reed's Bay, the Hilo Breakwater and Kanakea, the Ice Pond.